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Congratulations to everyone who is invited to the ALJ Structured interview!

We are providing an excellent, expert and affordable ALJ Structured Interview Prep Service.
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90 Minute Recorded Video Webinar:
"Preparing for the 2016 Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Exam" 

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Congratulations on making it to the Online Component of the ALJ Examination.

Please remember that we will be providing Structured Interview Practice and Preparation if you are invited for that component.
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These documents will be emailed to you along with the private video. ALJ Examination PowerPoint Slides (copyright 2016, do not distribute to anyone)

Aptitude Test Practice Documents:
Practice Situational Judgement Test - Answers and Candidate Guidance, 31 pages, published by
+ This is not specifically for ALJ, but is help for test practice
Practice Situational Judgement Test - Question Workbook, 24 pages, published by
+ This is not specifically for ALJ, but is help for test practice

Learn the basics of writing an accomplishment narrative and how accomplishment writing can solidify your chances of competing effectively throughout the examination process – all the way through to the structured interview.

Who Should Purchase:

  • Private legal practitioners with litigation experience
  • Office of Disability Adjudication and Review Attorney-Advisors
  • County and State Magistrates
  • Corporate Attorneys
  • Government Agency Attorney-Advisors

Webinar includes:

  • 90-minute recorded webinar
  • A copy of the brand new eBook, The ALJ Writing Guide, 2nd Edition, By Nicole Schultheis & Kathryn Troutman (2016)
  • Additional helpful materials and online tools, distributed at the time of the webinar or immediately thereafter.
  • A $149.00 discount if one-on-one ALJ application support services are purchased, following the Webinar. (see more information about our application services.)

Purchase the book and recorded video to prepare for the ALJ application or insight into the structured interview!

Ordering Options:
  • ALJ Writing Guide Book + Webinar Package
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  • ALJ Writing Guide 2nd Edition PDF Download
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Instructor: Nicole Schultheis

Nicole Schultheis has helped hundreds of attorneys and other senior candidates compete successfully for federal positions. In addition to Administrative Law Judge candidates, she has helped aspiring Administrative Judges, Hearing Officers, Immigration Judges and Administrative Patent Judges. She has supported legal and law enforcement candidates at the Department of Justice, FBI, ICE, CBP, DHS, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department of Defense, as well as applicants to numerous agency Offices of General Counsel, Inspectors General, and Legislative Counsel offices.

Webinar Agenda

  • Preparing for the 2016 ALJ Exam
  • About Federal ALJs & What Federal ALJs do
  • ALJ Numbers, Hiring Agencies & SSA Hiring Needs
  • Federal ALJ Hiring Practices & Hiring Preferences
  • The 2013 Announcement & 2016 Preparation
  • Minimum Qualifications to become a federal ALJ
  • Application Components: Outline Format Resume & Qualifications Narratives
  • Optional Listing of Significant Cases
  • Veterans’ Preferences Documentation & Schedule A
  • Online Testing Components & Narrative Writing
  • Proctored & In-Person Components
  • ALJ Competencies, Accomplishment Writing and its Role in the ALJ Exam
  • Pre-Application Tips & Your USAJOBS Account
  • How to Use The ALJ Writing Guide, 2nd Edition
  • Additional Online Resources and One-on-One Support