ALJ Writing Guide

ALJ Writing Guide 2nd Edition

2nd Edition

Publication Date: Feb 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9846671-9-2
Format: Softcover and PDF
Pages: 64 text + cover


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Application Writing and Test Preparation for Federal Administration Law Judge Candidates

The ALJ Examination for 2017 will open soon!

From the OPM release:
Washington DC - The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is announcing it will open the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Examination to interested applicants in the near future by posting a job opportunity announcement on USAJOBS.

ALJs serve as impartial arbiters at regulatory and benefits-granting agencies. Individuals who are interested in applying are urged to monitor the USAJOBS website in the coming weeks. A notice will also be posted on the OPM ALJ website.

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The ALJ Writing Guide 2nd Edition is the best available resource for any attorney who would like to compete for a slot on the Administrative Law Judge register and ultimately be selected for an ALJ position.

It includes:

  • Sample federal resumes for ALJ candidates
  • Sample qualifying administrative law and litigation narratives
  • Definitions for all 13 competencies tested in 2013*

*OPM did not provide definitions in the 2013 announcement.

Central to federal hiring is the testing of behaviorally-based competencies, typically by evaluating examples of a candidate’s past performance. The ALJ Guide, 2nd Edition, walks readers through the process of accomplishment writing, helping candidates become their own best advocates in developing narratives that address the factors OPM is most likely to assess. These narratives provide rich source material and an opportunity to practice for written and oral questions that may arise in the ALJ assessment.

NEW, March 26, 2016:  
Social Security Administration's  ALJ Webpage with Updated Information 
How to apply for the ALJ Application from SSA 
Impressive and  inspiring video about why SSA is hiring this year!

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