Creating Your First Resume

Our newest book is sweeping the awards!

Creating Your First Resume is the award-winning how-to guide for writing a first-time resume. 

This book is designed for high schools, technical school programs, and colleges, and for both current students and recent graduates.

It's easy to feel under huge pressure when you're writing your first resume. After all, this is the document that is supposed to get your foot in the door. But how do you write a stand out resume when you've never done one before? You'll need to find a solid source of good advice. This is exactly what Resume Guru Kathryn Troutman offers in this new, visually striking, 74-page book. Based on 40 years of experience at her Baltimore firm The Resume Place, the author instructs readers on how to begin with a first draft and go all the way to prepping for the interview.

Includes over a dozen sample resumes that will help students of all paths write a first resume that fits their needs. Resume samples have appealing designs and show how to use popular free online resume templates, graphs, logos, charts, and columns to enhance the look and content of the resume.

Sample resumes include:

  • College acceptance resumes
  • Technical training / certification resumes
  • Internship resume
  • Job resumes
  • Military resumes
  • Federal resumes

We are so excited to be offering this brand new book. We have had many requests over the years for a title such as this!

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