The New SES Application

The New SES Application, 2nd Edition

Considering the Senior Executive Service?
This top-selling SES application guide is for you!

SES Book Cover One of the most difficult parts of writing the complex application for SES positions is getting started. The New SES Application, 2nd Edition begins with a user-friendly warm-up exercise taken from author Kathryn Troutman's successful and popular SES Writing Workshops in government agencies – free-writing on your major accomplishments. This fun and inspiring start works with your Top Ten Accomplishments written in the CCAR format – Challenge, Context, Action, Result – and this forms the foundation of the work to come. Three "Top Ten" Examples in the book show you what a polished accomplishments list should look like.

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  • The New SES Application 2nd Edition INDIVIDUAL PRINT BOOK
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  • The New SES Application 2nd Edition PDF Download
    Price: $21.95 

Other Top Features of the Guide include:

  • Written and organized with the busy executive in mind.
  • Presents a fabulous step-by-step formula for preparing the SES application refined over 10 years of workshops and work with hundreds of applicants.
  • An overview of the Senior Executive Service application process, including where to find vacancies, SES salary information, and an explanation of the various types of qualifications you’ll need to meet to be successful.
  • The Leadership Journey graphic allows you to do a visual check of whether or not you're at the SES level.
  • How to adapt the Accomplishments into the required Executive Core Competencies (ECQs) narratives and make sure that you are covering all the required areas.
  • Two outstanding SES case studies in the book give you samples for the Executive Cover Letter, 5-Page SES Federal Resume (Paper and USAJOBS), Top 10 List of Accomplishments, Technical Qualifications, selected ECQs, and CCAR Format Accomplishments.
  • The Lessons Learned chapter covers the reasons OPM rejects ECQ statements* based on actual rejection letters.
  • Clear explanation of the process of being interviewed and assessed for an SES position.
  • Instructions on how to prepare effectively for the SES structured interviews and answering behavior-based interview questions.

All the steps involved in applying for the Senior Executive Service are covered in
The New SES Application, 2nd Edition.

*Note: As part of our Professional Consulting and Editing Services, The Resume Place is often asked to rewrite ECQs that have been rejected by the Office of Personnel Management. We have a superb record of rewriting the ECQs so they will pass.
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