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2018 Ten Steps to a Federal Job®
Certification Program

The Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses on USAJOBs and PPP-S

The Ten Steps to a Federal Job® Certification Program is the ground-breaking training program that provides you with TWO industry-standard certifications: Certified Federal Job Search Trainer® (CFJST) and Certified Federal Career Coach® (CFCC). The CFJST / CFCC certification was established by the Federal Career Training Institute, the training division of The Resume Place, Inc. It was the first and remains the only respected and valued credential in federal job search training. Earning and maintaining these certifications demonstrates a foundation of knowledge and skills to effectively coach and train jobseekers to land a high quality US Government career.

Become a Certified Instructor for 3 popular
career / federal resume writing curriculum:

  • Ten Steps to a Federal Job®
  • The Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses® on USAJOBS and PPP-S
  • Writing your First Resume®

Who should consider becoming a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer® and Certified Federal Career Coach®?

  • Family readiness and employment transition counselors at military bases
  • Military career counselors
  • Veterans counselors ‒ VA and non-profits
  • University career counselors
  • Federal agency human resources and education staffers
  • CareerOneStop and workforce counselors
  • Non-profit agency job search counselors
  • Private practitioners who have veterans and other fedjob applicants as clients

See list of those who have already been certified through this in-demand program!

Your Federal Career Collection

All individual registrations receive one (1) copy each of these current publications to update your federal career book library:

You will have the option to request the above books in print or PDF format.

Individual registration will also receive a set of 24 print books for coaching. Group registrations: please confirm book offerings at time of registration. You may request all or a portion of your 24 books from the following:

Bring these popular titles home with you from our live classes in a beautiful Ten Steps bag! Or request at least a week in advance to have your books shipped to you directly for the in-person classes.

Typical Challenges Faced by Advisors Addressed in the Program

An initial exercise in the training is discussing challenges the advisors are facing. The CFJST / CFCC training addresses all of the following challenges.

  • Our jobseekers are discouraged and feel overwhelmed. I want to encourage them to keep trying and keep them motivated.
  • I need to learn how to be successful in helping new applicants.
  • People are having a hard time grasping Schedule A.  I need to let military to fed applicants know that their experience does not mean an automatic and quick hire.
  • I need to get a thorough understanding of how to take current skills and transfer them to a new field. How can I help clients get Best Qualified?
  • How do I coach my jobseekers in including their accomplishments in their resumes?
  • How do I identify the keywords in the USAJOBS Vacancy Announcements?
  • My expertise is as a family counselor. I need a thorough backgrounding as I have no experience in employment assistance at all.
  • How do I motivate clients to continue to work on their resume? How do I convince them to view it as a “living” document?
  • How do I help applicants target their resumes and look at their transferrable skills? How do I advise them on leaving out the skills that are not relevant?

Program Options

We offer flexible program options to meet your training needs. Base your choice on the learning style and the best location for you.

New Certification

  • In-Person Training -- Join one of our live in-person workshops being offered in Catonsville, MD (conveniently located near Baltimore) and San Diego, California. Read more
  • Webinar -- Listen to our federal job training from your home or office, live or on your own time. Program is covered in seven 90-minute sessions. Read more
  • Hosted Program -- Bring our training to your base, university, or agency and invite others to join! Host a small group (suggested minimum of 7) or an auditorium Ten Steps to a Federal Job program! Read more


New options have been added for 2018 to provide you a wider range of choices for recertification!

  • In-Person Training -- Join one of our live in-person open enrollment or hosted workshops for the full length three-day program to fully refresh and update your knowledge and coaching skills.
  • Webinar (Full Length Program) -- Join us for another round of our full length seven 90-minute sessions to fully refresh and update your knowledge and coaching skills.
  • Webinar (Short Program) -- NEW FOR 2018! Now you can renew your license for another three years by attending just three 90-minute webinars to receive an update on the latest federal hiring information since you last certified.

Past Graduates Share Their Experiences

Over 1000 career professionals have gone through this program!

For instance, CJ Johnson, a civilian federal employee, has worked as an Exit Strategist and TAP (Transition Assistance Program) specialist for the US Coast Guard in Alameda, CA since 1996. She has taken our certification training three times and co-taught it once. Her reasoning for returning? "Laws and federal job applications processes change, and I've wanted to make sure that I'm up-to-date," Johnson explains. And her outstanding success rate shows she's a woman who thoroughly understands what she teaches. It's an amazing 70-80%. Read more

Here’s what others are saying:

“Very important insights to job searching, writing of resume, and understanding USAJobs.  Thanks.”
‒ James Stewart, Military Transition Advisor & Instructor, USMC

“Fantastic course. Relevant. Well-presented and useful.”
‒ Dena Hallman, Soldier & Family Assistance Program Manager, US Army

“I travelled halfway around the world and this training was worth it.”
‒ Maria McIntosh, Work & Family Life Specialist, USN 

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Prerequisite for the Course – USAJOBS Builder Resume

To help you prepare for your certification training, we will ask you to set up or update your USAJOBS account with your resume. You will use your own USAJOBS account and resume for instruction of others.

Certification Course Resources

All three of the certification programs and all of our federal career publications are based on our Ten Steps to a Federal Job® search strategies. Our Ten Steps PowerPoints also incorporate federal resume writing insights and job search techniques from the course text: Jobseeker Guide, 8th Edition. Additional info comes from our seven current career guidebooks as well as the following materials: 

  • Federal Career Newsletter – weekly updates with success stories and federal job search tips
  • Exercises throughout the course to reinforce Ten Steps training and federal resume writing strategies
  • 11 Point CheckSheet for federal resume review

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