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2020 INFO 24 CEUs | 3 year Certification

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The ground-breaking Ten Steps to a Federal Job® Certification Program is the US Government Human Resources' most-respected and most-recognized federal job search training and career coaching credential. Successfully complete the program and you will earn TWO certifications:

Certified Federal Job Search Trainer® (CFJST)
Certified Federal Career Coach® (CFCC)

You'll also receive your Exclusive Instructor’s License for the Ten Steps® curriculum. Note that only licensed personnel are authorized to teach all 4 of the Ten Steps® programs:

Ten Steps to a Federal Job®
The Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses® on USAJOBS
Writing Your First Resume®
Ten Steps to a Pathways Internship for Students and Recent Grads©

Developed in 2002 by Kathryn Troutman, President, The Resume Place, Inc. (established in 1973). More than 3500 career and employment personnel from the military, US government, colleges/universities and private practice have earned their certifications and re-certifications since 2002.

Earning your CFJST/CFCC demonstrates your knowledge, skills, and expertise in coaching and training veterans and spouses to land high-quality careers with the US Government.
Ten Steps® Program Participants

Who should earn their CFJST/CFCC credential?

  • Family readiness and employment transition counselors at military bases
  • Military career counselors
  • Veterans counselors ? VA and non-profits
  • University career counselors
  • Federal agency human resources and education staffers
  • CareerOneStop and workforce counselors
  • Non-profit agency job search counselors
  • Private practitioners who have veterans and other fedjob applicants as clients
Ten Steps® Program Overview

Attend the CFJST/CFCC Training and Certification Program and you'll learn to:

  • Teach the Ten Steps® program to jobseekers
  • Guide jobseekers in the complexities of the federal government hiring process
  • Interpret the requirements of USAJOBS
  • Coach jobseekers in federal job search, OPM hiring requirements, best-qualified status, KSA writing, resume writing in the Outline Format
  • Adding Accomplishments that will prove "past performance" and the KSAs listed in the USAJOBS announcement!

NOTE: All 4 branches of the US Military REQUIRE that their employment readiness personnel be Ten Steps® certified.

NEW in 2020!!!
Ten Steps to a Federal Job®
Curriculum & Re-Certification

Keeping the Ten Steps® program current and responsive to the changing needs of federal hiring is a critical component. To ensure that you’re up-to-date on what matters most, we've added the following components to the program curriculum:

  • NEW (from 2020) –
    One-minute animated whiteboard videos to introduce each Ten Step! Very popular!
  • NEW screenshots for updated USAJOBS.
  • NEW The Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses –.
    with the new military spouse federal resume format
  • NEW explanation of USAHires, KSAs, & NDAA news for Military Spouses
  • NEW emphasis on how to apply for federal positions with non-competitive federal appointments for VRA, 30% or More Disabled and Schedule A hiring for People with Disabilities.
  • NEW and up-to-date keyword lists.
  • NEW hot tips on negotiating federal job offers (including negotiating a higher step, annual leave and other benefits).
  • NEW tips for veterans and military spouses.
Ten Steps® Program Options

We offer flexible program options to meet your specific training needs. Select the course of study that works best for you based on your learning style, location and schedule.

New Certification Options

  • In-Person Training: Join one of our live in-person workshops being offered in Catonsville/Baltimore, MD and San Diego, California. Read more
  • Webinar: Listen to our federal job training from your home or office, live or on your own time. Program is covered in seven 90-minute sessions. Read more
  • Hosted Program: Bring our training to your base, university, or agency and invite others to join! Host a small group (suggested minimum of 7) or an auditorium Ten Steps to a Federal Job program! Read more

Recertification Options

New options have been added for 2020 to provide you a wider range of choices for recertification!

  • In-Person Training: Join one of our live in-person open enrollment or hosted workshops for the full length three-day program to fully refresh and update your knowledge and coaching skills.
  • Webinar (Full Length Program): Join us for another round of our full length seven 90-minute sessions to fully refresh and update your knowledge and coaching skills. Read more
  • Webinar (Short Program): NEW FOR 2020! Now you can renew your license for another three years by attending just three 90-minute webinars to receive an update on the latest federal hiring information since you last certified. Read more

Prerequisite for Ten Steps to a Federal Job® Training

In preparation for your certification training, please set up or update your USAJOBS account with your resume.
You will use your own resume as an expert sample when training jobseekers in Ten Steps to a Federal Job®.


Your Federal Career Collection

Bring these popular titles home with you from our live classes in a beautiful Ten Steps bag!
Or request at least a week in advance to have your books shipped to you directly for the in-person classes.

All individual registrations receive one (1) copy each of these current publications to update your federal career book library:

You will have the option to request the above books in print or PDF format.

Individual registration will also receive a set of 24 print books for coaching:

Group Registrations: Please confirm book offerings at time of registration. You may request all or a portion of your 24 books from the list above.


Introducing …
Certified Federal Resume Writer (CFRW) Credential

Learn to Write, Edit and Format Federal Resumes
in the Outline Format

Earn 24 CEUs and 3-Year Certification

Mandatory Prerequisite: CFJST/CFCC Certification

At the request of many Ten Steps® trainers and coaches, we have developed a federal resume writing certification – the Certified Federal Resume Writer (CFRW) credential. This program will teach you how to help jobseekers organize, edit and write quality content to meet federal hiring standards.

Upon completion, you’ll expand your expertise and position yourself as one of the most-qualified federal resume writers in the nation. Learn to write and format federal resumes:

  • By working with the best federal resume writers in the country – Kathryn Troutman and the team at The Resume Place!
  • That match KSA requirements and integrate all essential keywords.
  • That focus on achievements and other professional highlights.
  • That position your clients as the best-qualified among the competition.
  • For transitioning military personnel, military spouses, veterans, wounded service members, career changers, graduating students, first-time applicants, mid-career professionals, and senior-level jobseekers.

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Past CFJST/CFCC Students Share Their Exceptional Learning Experiences

Over 3500 career professionals have gone through this program!

"Very important insights to job searching, writing of resume, and understanding USAJobs.  Thanks." (James Stewart, Military Transition Advisor & Instructor, USMC)

"Fantastic course. Relevant. Well-presented and useful." (Dena Hallman, Soldier & Family Assistance Program Manager, US Army)

"I travelled halfway around the world and this training was worth it." (Maria McIntosh, Work & Family Life Specialist, USN)

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