Hosted Certification Class at Camp Pendleton

"I want to applaud your training program. It will help me tremendously with reviewing Federal resumes. As a 15+ years as a GS, I thought I understood how to write a resume, but your training will make my personal resume and those of my clients standout, in a good way, above the others. The lights really come on for me when Charles explained how veteran's preference worked now. As a veteran I really never understood how the system now works. My husband retires from active duty in two years and you can bet I will make sure he sets himself up to take advantage of the program."

-- Military and Family Support Center

"I just wanted to let you know that attendance at the 3 - day course in March [2012] has done wonders for my confidence and wonders for my clients. When we go through the OPM Job Factors and the Grading of GS positions, most clients are over-joyed to have opened the "treasure chest" where the mystery of pursuing a Federal Job Position is solved. Thank you for all that you do!! I love the books and find something new EVERY day that I can share with my fellow coaches."

-- Diane Hart, M.Ed.
SMSgt, USAF (Ret)
Career Coach
Department of Veterans Affairs
VA for Vets Coaching Center

"We got a 'Hire' at the US Secret Service Washington DC Office. Last year July at the "Certified Federal Job Search Trainer®/ Certified Federal Career Coach® in Richmond VA, I brought a Spouse resume with me and worked on it during the course, I'm happy to inform you that the client was screened and hired this month by the Secret Service, and she called to say thanks yesterday morning, and that the new resume did it for her.....Thanks Kathryn, it worked she got hired and as she said, 'This career position will change my life.'"

-- Gary Simpson

"My name is Gail Sutton and I recently attended Kathryn Troutman's Federal Workshop. I highly recommend that you attend if you are working with Veterans.

"At the University of Maryland University College we have a student population of over 90,000 students located in 26 countries. The largest majority of our student population is active military members, military spouses, and veterans and so on.

"Kathryn's workshop has helped me tremendously to better prepare our military population to transition from military life to civilian life especially in the areas of translating military language into civilian language, federal resume writing for those interested in working for the Federal government.

"The training also better prepared me to assist veterans with disabilities, the direct hire process for eligible veterans, certain former overseas employees – family members, military spouse preference and so much more.

"In fact, I stay in touch with about seven of the counselors/coaches who attended Kathryn's workshop and they all agree that it is a must attend type of workshop. In fact, one of the attendees came over from Japan because he works with veterans. He emailed me recently stating how valuable the workshop was for him."

-- Gail Sutton

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  • "Excellent training, curriculum, PowerPoint and handouts, which supported the course objective and are user-friendly for both the trainer and the class participant."
  • "This is the best thing that has happened to this process in years. It really makes the resume easier to write and really easy to read."
  • "Excellent coverage of a topic that scares a lot of people. Good interaction with participants. Very useful framework that focuses on the importance of preparation and research."
  • "More, more, more - we could spend all day on this. All information was invaluable to help us as counselors become better agents for our clients."
  • "Great stuff. I've been using the books and teaching the process for several years but I learned a great deal. Thank you!"
  • "I was frantically taking notes. I learned lots of things I didn't know. I learned some good shortcuts and tracking information."
  • "Kathryn makes it look so easy - this will definitely be an eye-opener for class. New outline format is a great tool!"
  • "Absolutely outstanding! Review of the curriculum and introduction of the new "Free-Writing" section was extremely helpful and "painfully" easy to follow. Clear direction on each step makes the process of applying so much easier when the time comes to pull the resume together."
  • "I love the "outline" format method - it builds clear, concise accomplishments statements."
  • "An eye-opening presentation with so much positive energy. I look forward to sharing this information. Thank you so much!"
  • "Outstanding, OUTSTANDING, OUTSTANDING! Great Info! Thank you!"
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