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Kathryn K. Troutman Federal Career Coach™, President of The Resume Place, Author, Trainer

Kathryn TroutmanKathryn Troutman is a leading expert in federal jobs, a hot topic with the change of administration and the current downturn in the economy. She brings over 30 years of experience in this unique marketplace and has the ability to take the complex subject of federal job searching and break it down into understandable steps.

She is the author of the Ten Steps to a Federal Job, now in the third edition. The first Ten Steps book was honored as the Best Career Guide of 2002 by the Publishers Marketing Association.

Troutman wrote the first book on the federal resume format in 1995 in response to the government’s move to replace the cumbersome SF-171 form with the resume. These days, she is known as the “Federal Resume Guru,” and her book, the Federal Resume Guidebook, is a best-seller and in its fifth edition. Over 100 US government agencies hire Troutman to speak as a master trainer each year, and her presentations on writing federal resumes are popular.

Troutman has been interviewed by both national print and electronic media outlets on how to get a job in the federal government. Troutman is also a columnist for eight online federal and military employment websites.

In addition, Troutman is a trainer’s trainer. She has established two certification programs for career counselors on federal job searching. A licensed curriculum, based on her Ten Steps to a Federal Job® curriculum, is taught around the world.

Troutman’s message is that there are many desirable federal jobs, but you must know the right way to apply. Besides federal employment, Troutman also with speaks passionately on “Staying Successful with a Small Business and Women Entrepreneurs.” Troutman’s firm, the Resume Place, has been in business for over 25 years, and she and the company continue to grow and evolve.

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Charles Clark
Air Force Veteran, Human Resources Manager, Disability and Diversity Programs

Charles Clark is the Disability and Diversity Programs Manager (GS-14) with the U.S. Census Bureau, where he is responsible for Diversity and Inclusion Management, Veterans Employment Programs, Schedule A Hiring of Individuals with Disabilities, and Reasonable Accommodations Programs for employees with disabilities.

Charles began his civilian government career following a 24-year military career with the U.S. Air Force, culminating as the Superintendent of the Air Force District of Washington's Manpower, Personnel and Service Directorate (A1). As the AFDW/A1 Superintendent, he oversaw a 120 person headquarters staff responsible for managing 350+ human resources programs for the command's 40,000 military and civilian employees around the world. Prior assignments include serving as the Department of Defense's Presidential Support Program Manager and Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Executive Secretary for the Department of Defense; and as a Branch Chief responsible for staffing military vacancies at the White House, the Joint Staff and the Department of the Air Force while assigned to the Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas.

Charles' keen knowledge of federal staffing polices, coupled with his vast experience of non-competitive appointing authorities for veterans, disabled veterans, and individuals with disabilities has proven extremely successful in the hiring of individuals from these targeted groups into positions throughout the federal government.

John Gagnon Ph.D., J.D.

John GagnonJohn Gagnon is an experienced writer, trainer, and consultant with a multidisciplinary background. His federal experience encompassed content management, antitrust issues, immigration, and victim protection. While a federal employee, John received a "Plain Language Award" for his focus on clear, concise writing and delivered expertise in program management, quality assurance, and professional training for federal employees throughout the United States.

John works with wide range of clients including candidates for Senior Executive Service, military veterans, federal employees across all occupational series, private sector job applicants, and students. A skilled trainer and public speaker, John also delivers seminars and workshops for the Federal Career Training Institute, delivering expert guidance to federal and military sector clients. John emphasizes a three-pronged approach – planning, preparation, and plain language – that consistently delivers quality results.

In addition to his professional background, John is an accomplished academic. His research has been published in peer-reviewed academic publications and he has presented his work at international, national, and regional conferences. He is a former member of the Eberhard P. Deutsch International Law Society, the Tulane Human Rights Law Society, and the Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs. He is a current member of the National Council of Teachers of English, the Rhetoric Society of America, College Composition and Communication, and the Modern Language Association. John earned his Ph.D. in Rhetoric from Michigan State University, holds J.D. and M.S. degrees from Tulane University, and received his B.A. in English from Andrews University with honors. He has also studied international legal and cultural issues at the University of Amsterdam and the International Center for Ethnic Studies in Sri Lanka.

Bobbi Rossiter, CFJST, CFCC
Ten Steps to a Federal Job® Program Manager

Bobbi RossiterBobbi Rossiter has been a military spouse for more than ten years. During that time, she has devoted herself to advocating for the families of service members by ensuring that education about resources was readily available. In 2008, during her first tour overseas with her USMC spouse, Bobbi worked as a Family Readiness Officer. Military leaders all over Okinawa held her in high regard due to the attention to detail and strategic foresight she employed when bringing relevant resources to military spouses and service members. When she moved back to the US, she was hired by Kathryn Troutman in 2014. She has continued her advocacy by bringing federal employment information to military spouses through her contributions to the Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses books.

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