2020 Webinar Program Curriculum and Agenda

Curriculum based on the
Jobseeker's Guide 8th Edition


Based on the Jobseeker's Guide 8th Edition, Updated and Published March 2017
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Seven Live, 90-Minute Webinars

2020 CFJST / CFCC Webinar Program licenses you to teach Ten Steps to a Federal Job®. Certification is valid until Sept. 30, 2023.

Don't leave your office and join us for our new webinar program and get the most updated federal job search information available. Webinars will be scheduled one per week. Each webinar is 90 minutes in length. We will be using Adobe Connect for our live webinar classes, with instructor-led training by webcam, interactive exercises, case study reviews, PowerPoint lessons, and recordings available after class.

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Curriculum covers:

  • What's new with Ten Steps to a Federal Job®
  • Federal Resume Writing – What's New with USAJOBS!
  • Pathways program and Student Resumes
  • Priority Placement Program for Spouses and BRACCed Civilians
  • Veteran’s Preference and Category Rating and Schedule A Hiring
  • Human Resources – Merit Principles and Occupational Standards

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Class 1: Ten Steps to a Federal Job®, Introduction and Steps 1 to 4

In this module, we review the Ten Steps to a Federal Job® curriculum. Our curriculum is specially designed to help you at every stage of client advisement.

We go online and use our licensed PowerPoint to learn the Ten Steps:

  • STEP 1:  Review the Federal Job Process
  • STEP 2:  Network – Who Do You Know?
  • STEP 3:  Research Vacancy Announcements on USAJOBS
  • STEP 4:  Analyze Your Core Competencies

Class 2: Ten Steps to a Federal Job, Steps 5 to 10

Continuing the Ten Steps to a Federal Job® curriculum, we begin to look at the federal resume, how to apply and interviewing:

  • STEP 5:  Analyze Vacancy Announcements for Keywords
  • STEP 6:  Write Your Outline Format and Paper Format Federal Resume
  • STEP 7:  KSAs in Your Federal Resume and Assessment Questionnaires
  • STEP 8:  Apply for Jobs with USAJOBS
  • STEP 9:  Track and Follow Up on Your Applications
  • STEP 10: Interview for a Federal Job

Class 3: USAJOBS Navigation, Announcement Analysis, and Resume Builder Lessons

We go more in-depth into Steps 8 and 9 with this review of the federal online application processes. These processes are always changing due to technology advancements. Many clients make simple mistakes that can affect their eligibility. We also address the questionnaire, a major challenge for applicants.

  • Get comfortable with USAJOBS and applicationmanager.gov, so that you can advise clients with confidence and knowledge
  • Learn what's new and tricky with both USAJOBS and applicationmanager.gov
  • Get comfortable with coaching clients in HOW TO APPLY for a federal job
  • Learn about the combination of the USAJOBS website
  • Become familiar with integrated Automated Recruitment Hiring systems (questionnaire sites)

Class 4: Veterans' Preference, Schedule A (Disabled), and Other Special Hiring Programs

As a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer® and Certifed Federal Career Coach®, you will be advising clients on the how the federal hiring process works and how to make the process work for them. This 90-minute module is one of the most important sections of your certification learning modules. We go behind the scenes to understand how applicants are rated and ranked, as well as how Veteran’s Preference is applied. We also tell you how to advise your disabled applicants (veterans and non-veterans).

We will go in-depth to discover:

  • Veteran's preference and category rating and why this is important for your federal job coaching services
  • The difference between a US Citizen and a Status / Merit job announcement for veteran's preference
  • Other Non-Competitive Hiring Programs and Appointment Authorities
  • Schedule A Hiring Programs for Persons with Disabilities

Class 5aPriority Placement Program S for Military Spouses

New program for Military Spouses in the US - licensed for you to teach! Curriculum took two years to develop with reviews by DOD CPMS.

The Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses on DOD’s Program S Registry. You will learn about a special hiring program for military spouses on the 1965 PPP program – formerly used by riffed DOD employees only. Now spouses have their own registry on the same PPP registry! Learn how to get on the registry and write a good narrative resume for the registration.

In this 45-minute module, we will show you how to navigate the PPP-S process:

  • Program S for Military Spouses, Chapter 14, of the PPP Handbook
  • Option Codes, Chapter 10 of the PPP Handbook – how to understand the codes for the best PPP resume registration.
  • How to get the appointment with the local HRO office.
  • How to write a great, detailed narrative Program S federal resume

Class 5b: Creating Your First Resume

New award-winning book and PPT for all first-time resume writers, including Family Members, Spouses, and Transitioning Military!

This book is about first resumes and includes many exciting resume designs, including designs using the popular template website, www.hloom.com. This 45-minute session will review the samples in the First Resume book and the PPT. This PPT is now included with the Ten Steps Certification curriculum!

Class 6: Federal Resume Writing and Coaching Strategies

We dig deeper into Step 6 from the Ten Steps to a Federal Job in order to masterthe federal resume. We also do a live analyze a USAJOBS announcement.

  • Review the resume with the 11 Point Check Sheet.
  • What is a Federal Resume? Why is the reverse chronological resume format the best and most preferred by the HR specialists?
  • Learn to reconstruct a resume to correctly focus the resume and demonstrate the required Specialized Experience.
  • How can we help clients quickly by giving them the keywords for the new Outline Format resume that they will be writing based on keywords from the job announcement.
  • The Outline Format – providing a sample of this style, which is very different than the samples in the TAP Manual and private sector resumes.
  • Integrating the questionnaire questions and keywords into the resume to match the job announcement
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) – why they are important!

Class 7: Federal Resume Writing Resources for Coaches

Kathryn Troutman has located at least 11 favorite federal resume writing resources to refer your jobseekers to for the best possible federal resume writing samples. As coaches, we provide samples, insight, keywords, and encouragement for our clients to write their own federal resumes. These samples will give them the style guide to follow and hopefully result in Best Qualified, Referred, Interviewed, and Hired into a federal job.

In this final class, we review the materials provided to you as a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer®/Certified Federal Career Coach®. We also go online to review the licensed materials you may use to teach classes and advise clients. These online materials include, but are not limited to:

    Current Federal Career Publications by Kathryn Troutman:
    • Jobseeker's Guide, 7th Edition (2015)
    • Federal Resume Guidebook, 6th Edition (2016)
    • Student’s Federal Career Guide, 3rd Edition (2015)
    • Creating Your First Resume (2016)
    • The New SES Application, 2nd Edition (2016)
  • Online Federal Resume Database, hundreds of resumes at your fingertips (Licensed by agency/base and separate from the CFJST / CFCC Certification Licsense)
  • 10 Step to a Federal Job slides, both long version and 1-hour
  • One-Hour USAJOBS curriculum and slides
  • Student’s Federal Job Search slides
  • 11-Point Federal Resume Review Checksheet
  • Certification Logos, for use on your website or business card

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