Ten Steps Certification In-Person Program

The In-Person Three-Day Training program is exciting and inspiring!

Our Master Ten Step Trainers will:

  • Train you in teaching the popular Ten Steps to a Federal Job® curriculum.
  • Give you methods for coaching federal resume writing in the winning Outline Format.
  • Provide you with the latest information about Federal Human Resources and Federal Hiring Programs. This will include Merit Principles, Veteran’s Preference Hiring Programs, Schedule A, Program S for Military Spouses, Pathways… and much more.

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Live In-Person Training Is for You If…

  • You learn best in a classroom setting.
  • You need a pre-determined set time to complete the lessons.
  • You can travel to one of our two learning sites ‒ Maryland or California.
  • You’d like to meet and mingle with other students, who will also be federal career advisors.

Other Training Options: Webinars | Hosted Programs

Here’s What Others Are Saying about Live Training:

“I LOVED the class. It’s great being in class with extremely knowledgeable instructors [teaching] a curriculum that is applicable to all services and sectors!”
‒ Michelle Pike, Airman & Family Readiness Program, USAF

“I really enjoyed the breadth of information provided ‒ not only about the resume but the system as a whole, from the job categories to HR’s perspective and role in the process.”
‒ Kathryn Cranford, Work & Family Life Specialist, USN

“The training was, for me, that last missing piece between what I'd managed to self-teach and talking with agency reps that came to campus or to GCRC… While I don't teach the 10 Steps curriculum per se, I use everything I learned that week in MD every single day in my work. Without the training I would not be at all confident about helping students write federal resumes or have any real understanding of how the competitive/civil hiring process actually works. I also gained a lot of understanding about working with veterans.  My students are interested in Pathways internships [too].
‒ Marie Koko, Senior Career Consultant / Government Careers Specialist
University of Wisconsin-Madison Letters & Science Career Services

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Taught by Our Master Ten Step Trainers

Charles ClarkKathryn Troutman, John Gagnon and Charles Clark will inspire you to teach the best lessons on how to land a desirable federal job. Their lessons are easy to understand and transferrable to your jobseekers. This includes veterans, military spouses, students, civil service employees, etc.! Read trainer bios

Live Training Lessons

Classroom / computer room activities include interactive learning lessons on:

  • Identifying the many “hats” you wear at work.
  • Freewriting of accomplishments
  • Many USAJOBS essentials!
  • Practicing announcement search and discovery – live in the classroom!
  • How to interpret the complex government job announcements
  • Analyzing keywords and creating your list
  • Improving your profile and saved searches. (Bring your own USAJOBS user name and password.)
  • How to track your applications in Application Tracking!
  • Practicing outline format federal resume writing in USAJOBS Builder – in your own account!
  • Doing federal resume reviews and assessments, using our 11-Point CheckSheet.
  • Exploring the Mil2fedjobs.com website and learning how to use this for your vet clients!
  • Gaining knowledge of Veteran’s Preference and category ratings.
  • Understanding Schedule A and other disability hiring programs.
  • Primer on PPP or Program S, a DOD federal job hiring program for military spouses
  • Introduction to Pathways, including internships and jobs for students and new grads

Additional Highlights

  • The three-day program offers 24 CEU credits.
  • You’ll receive TWO certifications: Certified Federal Job Search Trainer® and Certified Federal Career Coach®
  • The Certification is valid for three years (NEW!). Course participants who attend a class in 2016 will have a valid certification until September 30, 2019.

Your Federal Career Collection

New Certification and Re-Certification registration will receive a set of 18 print Jobseeker Guides for your first Ten Steps class or coaching. All individual registrations receive one (1) copy each of these current publications to update your federal career book library:

You will have the option to request the above books in print or PDF format.

Individual registration will also receive a set of 24 print books for coaching. Group registrations: please confirm book offerings at time of registration. You may request all or a portion of your 24 books from the following:

Bring these popular titles home with you from our live classes in a beautiful Ten Steps bag! Or request at least a week in advance to have your books shipped to you directly for the in-person classes.

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