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Our Government Agency Training classes have been taught by Kathryn Troutman in more than 200 federal agencies.

Our curriculum is proven with outstanding evaluations. Each program is customized for position titles, grades, agency mission and agency resume and recruitment systems.

Full and half day classes are available, as well as distance learning options. Also available: computer room, classroom, auditorium style, and noon-hour programs!

CCR Registered / Small, Women-Owned Business with strong references.

GSA vendor. We have been sole sourced for our federal resume leadership in the industry because of our publications, training, and writing/consulting expertise.

Class Certificate Course Completion certificates are available upon request.
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Inspire your employees for career advancement or job change based on agency changes and employee interests.

Ask for a federal career training program at your agency.

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Employee Reviews for Federal Resume Writing Workshops:

"Thank you for bringing Kathryn Troutman to teach the resume writing class. I have been in the government over 25 years now and it was one of the best government sponsored classes that I have ever been to. Resumes are not one of people's favorite subjects, and I wasn't exactly looking forward to the class with great expectations. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that Kathryn made the class live for me. She pointed out things I was doing wrong, and showed me how to do them correctly. She is indeed a subject matter expert and an accomplished communicator/motivator."

"I felt that I got so much good, useful information from her. My resumes will be much better now. This was certainly one of the best classes that I have attended in some time."

"It's hard to pick out any one item [that was particularly useful to me in the Ten Steps to a Federal Job curriculum]. It was all great: the Ten Steps, the tips on the resumes and KSAs, dealing with clients, keywords. I enjoyed it all and expect it to be very helpful in my work."

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