Kathryn Troutman has trained literally thousands of federal employees in writing a better resume. She provides value-added inspiration, confidence-building and recognition of individual accomplishments. Her expertise and comfortable style result in successful workshops every time. Federal employees actually leave the room knowing what they have accomplished in their career and have begin to learn how to write it on paper and talk about it. Training Coordinators are thrilled with the evaluations. Kathryn usually returns to agencies many times because of excellent reviews and requests for her to return.

Employee Reviews for Federal Resume Writing Workshops:

  • “Great class !!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the SES class today. I learned quite a bit. This 90 minutes was a great step for me. Thanks again.”
  • “What was most useful abut the Ten Steps to a Federal Job curriculum to me was having the whole, complex process broken down into small, manageable pieces.”
  • “This seminar was all I had hoped for. I am motivated to plan a student panel very soon, as well as put together a weekly hour-long group. You have a fun, energetic style – very personal! Thank you for the extras, like breakfast and lunch. I wish you the very best for the future.”
  • “I particularly liked the integration of e-mail, websites and templates (i.e., the KSA builder).”
  • “Kathryn – you are an expert and I couldn’t or wouldn’t dare to suggest you change a thing! I really enjoyed Ligaya’s presentation and HR perspective.”
  • “It’s hard to pick out any one item [that was particularly useful to me in the Ten Steps to a Federal Job curriculum]. It was all great: the Ten Steps, the tips on the resumes and KSAs, dealing with clients, keywords. I enjoyed it all and expect it to be very helpful in my work.”
  • “An excellent workshop! Thank you to you and your staff, Kathy!”
  • “Thank you very much. I really appreciate your sincerity and expertise. Thanks a lot!”
  • “Everything has been useful [in the Ten Steps to a Federal Job curriculum]! 95% of my clients are interested in federal employment. This workshop has opened up my understanding 100-fold, and because of this my clients will be rewarded beyond measure.”
  • “This course has thoroughly equipped me to provide training to military and Department of Defense civilian spouses.”
  • “I don’t know how you found about Kathy, but she is an outstanding instructor. The class was super. I had been my putting this project off for the longest, but now I am almost finished. Before attended this class, I was really lost and did not know where to start. Now the shot is not so painful :-) . I truly hope everyone will attend this class.”
  • “Thank you for bringing Kathryn Troutman to teach the resume writing class. I have been in the government over 25 years now and it was one of the best government sponsored classes that I have ever been to. Resumes are not one of people’s favorite subjects, and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the class with great expectations. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that Kathryn made the class live for me. She pointed out things I was doing wrong, and showed me how to do them correctly. She is indeed a subject matter expert and an accomplished communicator/motivator.”
  • “Thank you for the training and in particular for the instructor, Kathryn Troutman! She is outstanding! Positive, knowledgeable, interesting, helpful and keeps you interest up. Thanks for the book too.”
  • “I felt that I got so much good, useful information from her. My resumes will be much better now. This was certainly one of the best classes that I have attended in some time.”
  • “The class was great and what a great instructor!! She did an outstanding job and gave such good direction!! Plus I walked away with a good resume’…..just have to do a few small date verifications! I’ve had people stop by & tell me that it was the BEST “Navy” class they have ever gone to…and really walked away with some good info!”
  • I just wanted to thank you for the great seminar you did for our USDA-AMS, PST class. The information you imparted was extremely helpful. I am now revising my resume using your Outline Format.

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