Executives are expert, knowledgeable, and experienced, but they still struggle with writing ECQs, TQs and the executive federal SES resume for the ultimate promotion in government – Senior Executive Service. This one- or two-day ECQ Writing workshop is highly effective for executives who need to be inspired to write about their best leadership accomplishments in the past 5 to 10 years.

A customized SES Writer’s Guide and step-by-step workbook will facilitate their writing new resume and ECQ sections in class. Participants will learn a new way of thinking and writing about senior management positions in government and their employee’s role in current or future government leadership. The workshop also presents opportunities for establishing contacts. Instructional methods include: in-class exercises focusing on accomplishments; interviewing, brainstorming, writing, and sharing ECQ examples; analysis of announcements for target language; and incorporation of the Leadership Competencies.

Preferred classroom format: Computer room or classroom with laptops for lessons in writing ECQ drafts, announcement search, keyword development, USAJOBS review, accomplishment writing, and federal resume drafting.

Course length: Full day, half day, or 90 minute webinar overview

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Key Course Objectives:

  • Compose extraordinary Executive Federal Resumes
  • Grasp how the SES hiring process is managed by agencies and OPM
  • Identify the ECQs and the corresponding 27 Leadership Competencies
  • Use the Office of Personnel Management’s preferred Context-Challenge-Action-Results (CCAR) model to write about the Executive Core Qualifications
  • Think UP the organizational ladder
  • Demonstrate in writing the applicant's decision-making, leadership, and organizational abilities
  • Create impressive work experience descriptions
  • Write outstanding profile statements at the executive level
  • Analyze Technical and Managerial Factors
  • Create attention-grabbing cover letters for SES application packages
  • Understand how to address and write powerful and effective technical qualifications

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