The Structured Interview

The Structured Interview is more important than ever with Hiring Reform.

Because the separate KSA narratives are eliminated, hiring managers will be using the Structured, Behavior-Based interview as a valid, reliable assessment tool to determine the best qualified candidates. This practical, hands-on course uses role-playing and class discussion to give participants the key skills needed to successfully prepare for the behavior-based interview format. Participants will: prepare for the interview, practice proper interview techniques, and effectively communicate their skills and accomplishments.

Government One Day Training Rate:
    $5,486 per day (one instructor)
Commercial One Day Training Rate:
    $5,760 per day (one instructor)

Government Half Day (3.5 hours) Training Rate:
    $3,386 per half day (one instructor)
Commercial Half Day Day Training Rate:
    $3,555 per half day (one instructor)

Courses include the class text for up to 20 attendees.
Travel is not included in the Instructor fee.

Classroom format: Classroom

Course length: Full day, half day, or 90 minute webinar overview

Course Outline – Five Critical Lessons

  • Know what to expect: Introduction to the structured interview
  • Writing your best accomplishment stories: Get ready to answer at least five questions that will require an accomplishment story.
  • Prepare your answers to typical questions such as “Why should we hire you?”
  • Think about the mission: Get in the mindset of the target office or organization by preparing an interview prep worksheet that matches your past experiences to the future position.
  • Interview strategies: Get tips on articulate speaking, smiling, handshakes, body language, physical presence, and keeping the interviewer’s attention.

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