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  • Good morning Kathryn, I meant to send you an email months ago. I was HIRED! Thank you so much for your help!
  • I was hired pending back ground check. It's the contracting specialist, I only submitted once grade level 7. This was the first one I applied for I do have others pending. Thank you and yes, the resume was phenomenal. It was geared towards the announcement and hit all the key points.
  • Hi, I was referred, interviewed, and hired. Thank you! I'm a compliance examiner with FDIC. I applied to about 20 positions before I got serious and 3 after I started targeting the right roles.
  • Hello, YES, all the above. And I completed my SES probationary period on May 1. I've referred lots of colleagues to you all!
  • HIRED 6/16 The interview went well and I was selected. The package is with OPM right now so I should know something in the next few weeks. I assume everything will be fine. I'll let you guys know once I get the final bid.
  • HIRED for Peace Corps Position! 3 applications, 3 interviews!
  • HIRED, GS 12, DOD CIVILIAN – Apr. 12 I wanted to let you know that today when the Federal hiring freeze was lifted, I received a tentative offer for this position at the GS 12 level. Now all the paperwork begins, oh, and packing for our move to Maryland. Thanks to both of you for your awesome assistance!
  • I am happy to report I accepted a position back in January with the Navy as a management assistant. I used the resume that was written for me and utilized the spouse preference program. Couldn't have done it without your help!
  • Two offers now… Wow. I am so excited! HIRED. GS 12 IT specialist, application support; medical field in Boston is growing. been working on this a year, 30 disabled, schedule A, been through referred, 50/50 interviews.
  • Hi Kathryn, I'm so sorry, I was going to email you sooner to let you know that I got an offer from the Copyright Office! I started Monday! I'm very pleased and I thank you again for your assistance.
  • Kathryn, I was hired into a SSTM position (Senior Science and Technology Manager).
  • Yes, I was hired for the senior leader position last year!
  • I recently was selected to be a Reservist with FEMA. I just completed their two-week training course. I am now subject to deployment. Because I am a veteran, this also makes me eligible to apply for a full-time position with FEMA.
  • I have been successful with my Private Resume – I'm very thankful for Sarah's work and your team services.


  • The 400 people were reduced to a best qualified list for the Director and Deputy Director. Thanks to Nicole, I qualified for the Director position. Which means I am deemed "worthy" as an FAA Executive.
  • I applied for a position at the FAA as an Aircrew Program Manager in 2016. Thanks to The Resume Place (Nicole), I qualified higher than 650 other applicants. I can't thank you enough. – PREVIOUSLY HIRED AT FAA WITH OUR FEDERAL RESUME IN 2015.
  • So far, I've been referred to 2 SESCDP lists, and made it to the interview round for the current VA SESCDP. Fingers crossed!
  • With the resume, I was best qualified for about 85% of the jobs I applied for, referred to about 75% of applied positions, and landed interviews for about 25% 0f applied positions.
  • Best qualified with three interviews in the past two months. It's just a waiting game now. The position was for Immigration Services Officer (Lawrence, MA; Fairfax, VA; and Minneapolis, MN).
  • Good Morning, I was referred on my second round of posting for the same position but in a different location. The referral occurred in December 2016 and I received a letter in February 2017 informing me the vacancy is on hold due to the freeze on Federal hiring. The letter stated I would receive an update in May. Just the other day I called the HR contact and was told the positions are still on hold, as they're waiting to hear if money will be in the budget for them. She concluded, they hope to have a response to us by August.
  • Good evening, to answer your question, I was placed in the "most competitive" category for an FBI position, however, I was informed three weeks ago, I was not selected. Words cannot express enough on Amy's resume writing ability. Thank you, once again.
  • Hi Kathryn and Rita, how are you? I learned today that I am being invited to take the on-line tests for the ALJ examination. Thanks again for the expertise you provided for that first hurdle.
  • Thanks for keeping in touch. I am still working as a contractor in Kuwait. After you reviewed my resume back in Nov 2016 I had up to 36 referrals from Dec 2016 until the federal hiring freeze started.
  • Thanks for the email. Last year, I was referred for 2 jobs and interviewed for 2 jobs, but did not get either. Still no word on the 2 jobs I have applied for this year, but I will keep you posted. Thanks for all you do – especially for service men and women.
  • I have been referred on a few just waiting to see what is going to happen next.
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