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By Kathryn Troutman, President, The Resume Place, Inc.
and author, Ten Steps to a Federal Job, 8th Edition.

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SEC. 1131. ELIMINATION OF TWO-YEAR ELIGIBILITY LIMITATION FOR NONCOMPETITIVE APPOINTMENT OF SPOUSES OF MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES. "(3) NO TIME LIMITATION ON APPOINTMENT. – A relocating spouse of a member of the Armed Forces remains eligible for noncompetitive appointment under this section for the duration of the spouse's relocation to the permanent duty station of the member."

On December 23, 2016, President Obama signed this 2017 Fiscal Order for Budgets and Actions for the Department of Defense, including a GREAT new improvement for military spouses who want to apply for and land a high quality, relocatable career with the Federal Government!

Now, with the new legislation, a military spouse can apply for positions through Priority Placement Program – Spouses (PPP-S) for Department Of Defense (DOD) positions in the US throughout their PCS order time, instead of just the first two years.

The Program S of the PPP applies only to positions being filled under competitive procedures under merit promotion. So, it applies to only a limited number of positions, including a geographic region within the commuting distance of their spouses’ installation. Other non-DOD positions require that the spouse apply directly to the vacancy announcement and claim their preference through the USAJOBS profile and application process.

TWO YEARS WAS TOO SHORT FOR THE PCS ORDERS! By the time a military family moves to a new installation, and prepares their house and children in schools, one year is gone. By then, the military spouse had only ONE year to meet with the local Human Resource Office (HRO) person and get registered into the PPP-S Registration. And then apply for federal positions; wait for MATCHES; and get HIRED. It was almost impossible to land a federal job in the two-year period.

NOW, THIS IS REALLY BIG NEWS. The military spouse is NOT limited to two years at each installation. They can get onto the PPP-S resume registry any time during the Service Members orders for that duty station, even if it is five years after they arrived at this installation!

WHAT IS THE PRIORITY PLACEMENT PROGRAM – SPOUSE? In order to be placed into the PPP-S program, a spouse must REGISTER with the local HRO. The military spouse meets with the Human Resources Office to have their resume analyzed, scored and added into the PPP Database. The registered spouse is contacted if a match with a DOD position in the local commuting area occurs. The spouse must apply through USAJOBS, to include customizing a resume and uploading the appropriate documents. PPP-S works in collaboration with USAJOBS.

VETERAN'S PREFERENCE WILL NOT APPLY TO THE PPP-S MERIT ANNOUNCEMENTS. Since the PPP-S jobs are Merit / Federal Employee announcements, veterans preference will not apply. The only category of job applicants that will come above the "matched" spouses will be the RIFFED DOD Civilians.

MATCH YOUR RESUME TO AN ANNOUNCEMENT. In order to MATCH your resume to a USAJOBS Merit position, the resume and application must be BEST QUALIFIED. To be Best Qualified, the questionnaire has to be almost perfect, and the resume has to match the questionnaire. Plus, of course, meet the eligibility requirements for the position.

THE FEDERAL RESUME NEEDS TO BE IN A NARRATIVE STYLE and NOT SHORT! Average length is 5 pages! Get help with your federal resume from your installation's Army Community Service office, Navy Fleet and Family Support Center, Air Force Airmen & Family Centers, Marine Corps Family Readiness Center, or Coast Guard Work Life Center. The employment counselors can help you with a correct federal resume, so that you can receive the highest possible rating for your resume by the HRO.

SUMMARY: Good news for military spouses who want a career that is transportable, offers career opportunities, training, promotions, retirement, leave, benefits and a way to build your own career.


More Info on Federal Hiring Excemptions: Click here.

Kathryn Troutman, President


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