Federal Resume Guidebook

Federal Resume Guidebook 7th Edition

Best-selling book on federal resume since publication in 1996!
2nd best-selling resume book of all resume books, no exceptions.

The ultimate guide for writing a Federal Resume
and Navigating a Federal Career Change

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The 7th Edition is 90% new with more resume samples and case histories than ever!
You'll find 17 sample federal resumes and 20+ accomplishment stories.

The resumes include "before" and "after" resume samples, so you can easily see what you're doing wrong and how to do a federal resume the right way.

A comprehensive offering of Resume Samples include hot careers such as:

  • FBI Special Agent
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Remember, federal resumes are different than private industry resumes.
    This book helps you navigate the differences.

    The Book's New Organization jumps right in with directions for writing an easy-to-follow, stand-out Federal Resume – using the winning Outline Format.
    It then addresses a wider range of Possible Goals of Jobseekers.

    Part 1: 9 Strategies for Writing a Successful (Outline Format) Resume
    Part 2: 10 Steps to Getting Promoted in Government
    Part 3: Federal Career Change Stories

    • Private sector to federal job
    • Recent graduate to federal job
    • Extreme career change in government
    • Federal employee to private sector

    Part 4: Special Insights for Information Technology Specialists

    Here's a sampling of the instructive and inspiring Case Studies…

    Danielle – Successfully got promoted within same agency to a high-paying GS-14 position in the Secret Service.
    Milton – Transitioned from private industry insurance claims supervisor to working for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).
    Jenny – Overseas military spouse who got promoted in same Housing agency in Italy.
    Philip – Went from recent grad to Pathway Internship with US Army Corps of Engineers in South Korea.
    Margaret – Her extreme career change story shows how to find relevant experience in divergent jobs – in her case, from social worker to park ranger.
    Eric – A veteran hired by the US Navy as a civilian Material Handler.
    Ann – Federal contractor in IT moving into the private sector.

    The how-to's covered include …

    • A step-by-step process for developing the outline format federal resume HR loves
    • Discovering your knowledge, skills and abilities through a fun "how many hats do you wear on the job?" exercise
    • How to find keywords from vacancy announcements to use in your resume
    • Mining previous experience by using your performance reviews
    • How to write accomplishment stories to make HR take notice of your resume
    • Tackling the required OPM core competencies (through the rarely covered example of secret service position core competencies)
    • More on secret service core competencies at:
    • Submitting your resume and questionnaire to USAJobs
    • How to interview and land the position
    • Special considerations for getting promoted
    • How to make those challenging career changes

    Want a new federal job? This is the book you need to get there.

    Author Kathryn Troutman is an in-demand trainer who is regularly hired by Federal Agencies to teach resume writing and federal job-seeking for their employees. This book is the most up-to-date and cutting-edge guide you'll find for writing a strong federal resume and successfully landing your great federal job.

    Book Data
    Category: Government / Careers
    Format: Soft Cover and eBook
    Paper Book Trim: 8-1/2 x 11
    Pages: 192
    Resume Samples: 17
    Accomplishment Stories: 20+
    Price: $15.95 (for both paper and ebook)
    ISBN-13: 978-1-7334076-0-1
    ISBN-10: 1-7334076-0-X

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